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Hey BM.

Take a read of Chester Kyle. You'll know him, I'm sure of that.

Item 7.

Good reading for 'bent fans.
I have a photocopy. I can take digital snaps and post them if you wish.
Vikeonabike said:
Would love to have a go at that, even more I would love catrike to provide me one of his trikes, with the full body kit, battenburged with blue lights and sirens......Are you listening Cat! LOL
You have given me an idea for something I am working on, thanks.:ohmy:
Crankarm said:
Lee who, User3143 :biggrin:?
BentMikey said:
No, LeeW. He's an extremely powerful rider, and a nice bloke too.
Not 'our' Lee, then! :angry:


Velo, boulot, dodo
BentMikey said:
Legs Larrington tells of his friend going with a streamliner to some TT race where a National Champion ass-hatchet type was present. Beat the champ soundly, and then proceeded to sit at the end, pull out a large TOOLKIT with assorted spanners, hammer, etc., then fish out his pouch and make himself a rollup. Spectators were AGHAST.
Great story, ta!
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