Thinking of cycling to work


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What's the option?
3 miles in a car isn't good for it - the engine will barely get warm and will cause wear and carbon deposit problems.
Walking? 45 minutes?
Running would be quicker than walking, but a shower would be essential.
Cycling? Save petrol money, get some low grade exercise on the way in, and give it full beans on the way home and you'll be fitter, stronger, and healthier.

Where's the choice?
This is so true. My 3 year old car failed its first MOT on emissions - most of my journeys were about 3 miles round trip, and this was what spurred me to do more utility cycling and less driving.


i doubt they would claim mileage and petrol for getting to and from work.........and yes you can claim mileage even if you use a bicycle.....

also, yes its a cycle to work scheme, but they could be putting the bike on a train with them and cycling part of the distance to work........i doubt anybody would question it if they say they was.

You can still claim mileage????
Now I'm even more confused - will look into all this as I still have another week off


The amolunt you can claim for mileage is lower than the 45p/mile in a car. From memory, it's about 20p/mile but, as you've headed off to have a look into it, you've probably already found the correct figure. :thumbsup:

Edited to add:
Found it (on the HMRC site, of course) and the 2012/13 rate is indeed 20p/mile.


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I do an eleven mile round trip in pretty much all weathers and I will not be going back to the car in a hurry. With a bit of exercise, you arrive at work feeling alert and positive, and arrive back home feeling positive and relaxed. Never did that in the car. If you get the right clothes (and they don't have to cost the earth), the weather really doesn't matter. I was out in a monsoon this afternoon and I wouldn't have traded it for being warm and stationary in a traffic jam. The car journey would have been twenty minutes longer and no fun at all.

Yes, and baby wipes, as others have said.

Have fun.:thumbsup:


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My round trip varies on the route that I take, but is between 34 and 46 miles, with the "usual" route being 21 miles each way with 1500ft of climb. I'll typically do it three days a week (but I admit I've been particularly slack recently!), and use the bike-train-bike method on the other days inbetween.

Whilst I still enjoy my "proper" training, weekend rides & racing, I can still hand-on-heart say that my bike is still used for commuting the majority of the time (it's really too good a training opportunity to miss!)


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I do a 7 miles trip to work with, just pack a change of boxers incase you go through a puddle or something and i just use wet wipes to freshen up. I fold my trousers and shirt tight and neatly and put them in a plastic bag to be extra sure they are dry. 1 other guy that works here keeps a stash of clothes here, like shoes and trousers and obvisouly ferrys the dirty stuff home after some use.
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