This has to be a piss-take

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I'm calling our energy provider as they've estimated our electricity usage for last month at £450. Do you know what the hold music is?

Dock of the Bay.

That's right "Sitting in the morning sun/I'll be sitting when the evening comes...sitting on the dock of the bay/watching the tide roll away/Sitting on the dock of the bay/Wasting time"

It was a great busking number in the south of France 20 years ago, but I'm not so keen on it now when I'm trying to sort out my electricity bill. I may have a word...


I thought by the thread title that this was gonna be about Cameron winning the election!

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Ah - and I thought a rain coat was necessary for Flashing ;)


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Aaargh! I've just watched "High voltage", "At the Gay Bar" "Adam and Eve - the Gay Version", and "10 Toys that made you Gay". I need to wash my mind out.
This thread has taken an unexpected turn ;)
My wife works for a GP Surgery.... and had a phone system installed by the Contractors

After some eight months, one of the patients asked who had chosen the music and why.... apparently it was a funeral march!

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When they say 'This call may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes', I always hope they include the music bits too so they can hear my annoyed comments at it.
I used part of a signature from here the last time I was subjected to having to listen to some terrible electronic pop/rock pish which someone had obviously just made up, when I made a comment to myself about how I would never be able to look myself in the ears after listening to it ever again!

Alas, I doubt they do record the music bits, the sadists!

I mean, how many times can you listen to the Summer movement from Vivaldi's 4 Seasons before you feel like throwing the phone across the room??

And when you finally get through, you find out you have been forwarded to the wrong department.


I make a point of asking if they can note my complaint against the hold music if I don't like it. Not sure if they do but I feel better for asking.

The BT one drove me nuts when I had broadband trouble..
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