This month I have cycled 500 miles!


Lost it, got it again.
...and I will cycle 500 more... to be the man... etc etc
I know that 500 miles a month isn't particularly spectacular in the wider world of cycling, but considering that eighteen months ago four miles was enough to give me a pounding headache and the vapours I'm pretty pleased with 500 miles!

If you'd like to see the stats have a butchers at this blog post...
Is it possible to get anywhere near that without facing the stinkin rain? Weather has kept me away from my bikes.


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Thanks everyone! This month has been kinda tough, but I'm glad I made the effort, in a 'proving it to myself' kinda way.

I love cycling in the rain!
Well done Andrew!

In the same boat myself going from collapsing after a 2 mile ride in March 2010 ... to covering 563 miles in January 2012.
(I love cycling in cold weather, hate the summer heat though hence my decline over the past 3 months).
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