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This one is very nice...one uncareful owner

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by geopat, 4 Nov 2013.

  1. geopat

    geopat Über Member

  2. Biker Joe

    Biker Joe Über Member

    Nr Harlow, Essex.
    Hmmmm! Looking at my bank balance I've decided to forego this offer and stay with my Carrera 'Vanquish'.:whistle:
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  3. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    never raced or rallied
  4. OP

    geopat Über Member

    Without the Wiggo / tdf connection how much would this be be new? £12k?

    Could be a decent investment if you were loaded.
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  5. DooDah

    DooDah Über Member

    Was this the one he cleverly threw across the road in a strop in the Giro?? Must be worth a tenner then!!
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  6. Archie_tect

    Archie_tect De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold

    You could, alternatively, buy a house in Middlesbrough...
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  7. Mr Haematocrit

    Mr Haematocrit msg me on kik for android

    Out of the saddle
    That is not a bike in the condition that Wiggo used in the TdF. It has a number of things which are wrong.
    Wiggo does not use DuraAce pedals, he uses Speed Play zero pedals with longer than standard axles.
    The bike also lacks a power meter.
    It's also worth noting that although Wiggo used the Dogma 2 frameset for the majority of the race, he rolled into Paris on the Dogma 65.1 which was announced just before the tour. As such the official report states he won it on the 65.1

    Having said that if it was a Cav bike, I would have brought it by now.. Lol

    Could be the one mentioned at the following thread

    Hope it finds itself in the hands of a fanboy and someone who will really appreciate and enjoy the bike
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  8. themosquitoking

    themosquitoking Veteran

    It's got one of those fancy ovalised pedal cog thingys.
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  9. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One.....

    Seems they're popping up all over, there's an Ex London 2012 one on Ebay at the moment too
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  10. Boy1608

    Boy1608 Active Member

    Just to build the bike is about 8k I think, I tallied it up recently.
  11. Boy1608

    Boy1608 Active Member

    Thanks for the comments. It is indeed that bike. Couple of things.

    Firstly, it might not have the pedals he used, but they are easy to remove and replace so not a deal breaker. As is the power metre.

    Secondly it doesn't say he won the tdf on it, just it was one of the three bikes used that year. Confirmed in writing by team sky.

    It's a gorgeous bike and one I can't justify keeping when I have 2 kids to feed. So gladly sell to someone who can use it and afford it's upkeep.
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  12. Emmie

    Emmie New Member

    Wow! This bike looks incredible! I just looked at the one on eBay too and it looks like it went for over £10,000! To be honest, someone who is willing to spend that kind of money on these bikes MUST know the quality of what they are buying! I wish I had that kind of money!
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  13. Boy1608

    Boy1608 Active Member

    Yeah I saw that one. Won in the times version of the competition I won. He was selling for the same reason I think, just couldn't justify keeping it. That's the only other 2012 wiggins bike I have seen.
  14. Emmie

    Emmie New Member

    Is it not worth noting that...BRADELY WIGGINS RODE THIS BIKE! I don't know about anyone else but I am using shouty capitals because I am excited and very impressed! If I had the money I certainly would have BOUGHT it by now! He certainly help put Britain on the map in our Olympic year! Legend!
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  15. Mr Haematocrit

    Mr Haematocrit msg me on kik for android

    Out of the saddle
    For me personally, no.
    Can't say that I'm a fan, he won the TdF because Sky wanted and needed him to, however Froome imho was well capable of winning on the form he showed but followed the team line and supported Wiggo.. Imho the best man came second.
    Wiggo is a decent time trial rider and deserved the Olympics win but personally the world champion Tony Martin impresses me more for this discipline in general
    Wiggo is a complex character and I do not warm to him, I personally prefer the most successful road rider from the UK to him.
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