Those boiling water taps - any experience/thoughts?

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Like this kinda thing….

Yes, stupid price but….
We are in the process of buying a new build house and it’s an option. We’ll have solar so daytime leccy not an issue. We drink a lot of tea and could use the hot water for washing-up rather than using the combi-boiler to heat occasional water. My SIL uses the kettle to boil water for washing-up!
A big up-front cost, but struggling to justify on payback at the mo.

So thoughts, pro’s/cons etc.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
I wouldn't have one if I had kids in the house.

In fact, no, I wouldn't have one I the house. Handyish in the workplace.
I have trouble believing that the water that comes out of it is fully boiling

My wife insists that her green tea is made with full boiling - i.e. bubbling - water. Can these taps do that??

I also doubt that they are safe and there is no chance of accidentally getting boiling when not expecting it - but then I have never used one so views from people who have used one would be welcome


I don't have one, a friend does, I'm not convince they make good tea as water is not quite boiling, although they are getting better. The last workplace one I used was acceptably close to boiling, and the "idiot" lock easy to use.

re the safety point, they have 2 action process to get boiling water, so a child / cat cant accidently scald themselves.


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I was advised never to have one as it drinks electricity and couldn't afford the running cost. In any case, happy with my Combi boiler to provide hot water when needed.

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We had one at work and that broke a few times. Easier just having a kettle.
The boiling water taps use a sealed high pressure metal container with a heater element to maintain water at boiling point. This can result in higher levels of dissolved metal eg from the element.


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re the safety point, they have 2 action process to get boiling water, so a child / cat cant accidently scald themselves

This is true. I’ve know of three friends with them and have used them a fair bit. I personally don’t like them and even less so since one of my friends scalded her own forearm when leaning across the sink to operate the tap. We are just having a new kitchen and have purposely left one of these taps off the options list.

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We've got one. Wouldn't swap back. Not only boiling water and the usual hot and cold but also chilled still and chilled sparkling. Do it, Fabs. You know you want to. Running cost is claimed to be 5 cents (4p?) a day. The only drawback is you no longer have time to empty the dishwasher while the kettle boils.


I'd say have a look at the inside of your kettle - if it's pristine and unscaled, then go for it. If it's so furred up you call it Joan then you're likely to be changing the filter on a more regular basis, so it depends on your faff-tolerance. ^_^
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