Thoughts on bike setup and fit

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Hi guys,

I wonder if you can help with a 'fit' problem I have? I've a reasonable new bike (2008 Kona Dew) I picked up second hand and I've been trying to tweak the setup but with not much success.

It's a 54cm frame and though it fits, I'm probably as tall as you would want to be without going up another size. the main problem I have is that I keep 'sliding' forward on the saddle...

Now, I've done the standard set up, that is, the saddle height is set so that my leg is fully extended when I put my heel on the pedal.

With the saddle in the stock fore/aft position, I was sliding forward on it. I tried tilting it back a bit but that didn't really help as it started to feel too uncomfortable. So I summized that my position was naturally pulling me forward on the saddle.

Nowever, the saddle is certainly not to far back as my knee was well forward in front of the pedal spindle at 9:15. In fact, I've brought the sadle back a bit because of that.

I've tried flipping the stem to throw me down and 'out' more to see if stretching out would push my backside back out at bit but that hasn't helped either.

Any more suggestions from you guys? The frame certainly isn't too big for me. As I've said, if anything it's a little small. Could it just be I need a 'flatter' saddle?

Thanks guys...
It might not be fit, I'd stick to the basic fit principles for the moment if everything else feels right i.e. no neck or shoulder pain, no knee pain etc...

It might just be how you ride. I know I always end up forward on the saddle, I do on every bike I ride and yet the rest of the fit is pretty spot on for me. I've tried adjusting and moving saddles but it just happens, I naturally come forward on the saddle when putting the effort in. occasionally I shift backward again, especially before climbs. Mind you it could be I've got something wrong too :rofl:

Welcome by the way.


dewie said:
Now, I've done the standard set up, that is, the saddle height is set so that my leg is fully extended when I put my heel on the pedal.

Hi Dewie and welcome.

Your seat sounds a bit high to me, I've always set mine so there's a slight bend in the knee with the heel on the pedal. I think that's one way of doing it.


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Thanks guys - I'll give the calculator a go. I assume it's valid for a hybrid and not just road bikes?


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RecordAceFromNew said:
Dewie you might want to try this. At worst it will give you a couple of data points for reference.

A couple of grumbles.

1/ They don't ask for 'Hip height' for calculating crank length. As in Peter White's method pointed out by FF.

2/ They use the saddle nose to set reach. Saddles vary in design, so the more realistic distance is 'hip ball to handlebars'.

I was going to comment about seat angle, but as far as this lot are concerned, you've already bought the bike and that feature is not adjustable.
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