Thoughts on first few weeks commuting


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Have been commuting for a couple of weeks now and I thought I would add some thoughts.

My commute is quite hardcore as I live on a hill about 1,200 feet higher than where I work (in Germany). nice ride in in the mornings (and means I don't get too sweaty) but tough on the way home. My commute is about 20km each way way with a mixture of road, bike paths and off road (about 8 km off -road)

Becasue of the off-road piece I am commuting on a hardtail MTB - quite a light one at 10,4 kg - but still not as quick as a road bike. I have changed the tyres from the standard fit knobblies and am now using Schwalbe marathon cross. Mostly these are good, a lot faster on the road and really no problem on the off-road. Recommended.

Total commute time is around two hours, so averaging around 20 kmh. The journey in is about 45 minutes and the journey home 1:15 which gives you some idea of the gradient.

Other changes have been to change the saddle on the bile - first one was torture just too hard.

I travel a lot with work so I am commuting when I can but I think the maximum will be 3 days a week (otherwise I am just too tired and I want to do my other "hobby" running on the off days) but realistically it will be 1-2 days.

My experiences so far have been very positive. I really look forward to the ride home and feel that my fitness is increasing a lot.

I have invested in some lights (hope vision 2 - "invest being the operative word!) and a rain jacket but so far I am only riding in the dry. Lets see if my resolve lasts until winter.
Sounds like an excellent commute! Welcome to the world of commuting.;)

It certainly sounds quite challenging, but it is sure to improve your fitness. Could you map it online and produce an elevation profile? This would do the trick.


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Yeh exactly what others have said, nice one mate. Im new to commuting properly and love every step of the way, i actually arrive at work all sweaty but with a big smile on face.

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I have been cycle commuting for 2 years now. I am a lot fitter and lighter! The first winter was a soul destroying by February, then the nights started getting lighter. This winter I quite enjoyed it, perhaps I had more robust clothing etc. The snow was fun, I may invest in studded tyres for this winter!
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