Thread content tags enabled


We have enabled thread tags; these allow key words and phrases to be associated with specific threads and then searched for or clicked on to find other threads with matching tags. They can help other members find related content and are useful for search engines too.

They are also used to build the popular tags cloud.

New members cannot add tags (as a precaution against accidental mistagging), but longer-term members are now able to add two tags per thread (upto a maximum five total tags per thread).

To add a tag, click Add tags underneath the thread title:


You'll then be prompted to add your tags - seperated by a comma:


Add your tags and then click Save Changes:


Note: To remove a tag just click or tap the little 'x' at the end of it.


Moderators can add, modify and delete tags and if you notice any that you feel are inappropriate please report the thread to the moderator team and mention which tag or tags you feel need attention.

Shaun :biggrin:
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