1. stoatsngroats

    JCB and Hydrogen engines, a significant investment announcement today.

    Most recent announcement at the BBC today JCB I seem to recall watching their development of EV and hydrogen-converted Diesel engines a month or so ago (YouTube ), but it appears they are investing £100 million in this venture. As I recall, they believe the standard Diesel engine can be easily...
  2. Rooster1

    FAFFAWAY APP - New Product Announcement

    Hi I've designed an app called FAFFAWAY (Patent Pending) which I will be launching soon. Basically, it's Free to use and it is a Cyclists Companion App. It's main feature is that it provides the cyclist with clear, step by step instructions on NOT FAFFING before a ride. For example: Which...
  3. JtB

    Sonos End of Life Announcement

    Any other disgruntled owners of Sonos Legacy speakers? :gun:
  4. Shaun

    Thread Tagging

    I recently enabled a new thread tagging feature which allows longer-term members to tag threads with words and phrases that might be useful in helping other people find similar content. Unfortunately a few problems have arisen around feature immaturity and tagging misuse, so I've temporarily...
  5. Shaun

    CC software upgrade - 23:00 this evening

    The forum software will be upgraded this evening around 23:00hrs - expected downtime is 20 mins. :okay: Cheers, Shaun :biggrin:
  6. Shaun

    Datacentre network issues

    This afternoons outage was a result of networking issues at the datacentre where the CC server is hosted. We're back online again, and hopefully the matter is fully resolved but don't panic if it goes off again later for a short while. Welcome back! :okay: Cheers, Shaun :D
  7. Shaun

    Thread content tags enabled

    We have enabled thread tags; these allow key words and phrases to be associated with specific threads and then searched for or clicked on to find other threads with matching tags. They can help other members find related content and are useful for search engines too. They are also used to build...
  8. Shaun

    Forum width reduced for better readability on larger screens

    I've modified the layout of the forums so that they only stretch to 1320 pixels wide. This is to stop post text spanning across the entire width of large desktops / monitors and will hopefully improve readability. You won't notice any difference if you use a phone, tablet, or smaller desktop...
  9. Shaun

    Account Security - Two-Step Verification

    You can now enable two-step verification on your CycleChat forum account. Two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, requires you to provide two pieces of information to login. The general form is expressed as "something you know and something you have". "Something you...
  10. Shaun

    Cycling Helmet Safety and Compulsory Wearing - New Debate Thread

    I have closed the sub-forum that previously housed helmet debates and created a single thread for the discussion: I've locked all prior helmet debate threads and moved them to the parent forum: Advocacy and Cycling...
  11. Shaun

    Forum software updated

    I've upgraded the forum software to the latest release. If you notice anything wrong please let me know by posting in the support forum. Cheers, Shaun :biggrin:
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