three speed roadster and turbo trainer


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Hi guys. i don't know much about bikes so hopefully I have the terminology and stuff correct.

i bought a magnetic turbo trainer for use with my bike. However I dont think it's the correct setup.

Basically when I attach the bike to the real roller assembly using the attachment onto the rear hub wheel, the chain stops spinning the back wheel and there;'s no resistance. I think this is because the gear cable gets pinched a bit, because when you loosen it the resistance comes back and the wheels move with the pedals.

Is there a way this can be made to work? Some sort of attachment? i dont think I have that odd a setup.

I could loosen the rear wheel in the trainer but this puts a strain on the hub when i sit on the bike (i'm not that big a person either) and something will definitely snap if I do it for long.

It's this trainer

here's the wheel out of the trainer attachment with the gear cable thing coming out towards the bottom of the pic.


any ideas?


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your clamping where the gear toggle cable goes in so as you have found out it will effect the gears , not sure but you could try using a single speed rear wheel instead


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Aye I guessed that changing the rear wheel would solve it. Would rather not have to do that though. I thought maybe because I've not really heard of there being compatibility problems with any bikes (especially as the amazon questions seem to indicate that it would fit any type of wheel, not just quick release ones) that there'd be some sort of extra bit I could buy to solve it.

oh well.

Cheers for the reply.

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To be honest I've never heard anyone use a hub geared bike on a Turbo. As biggs682 says, you end-up fouling the gear toggle. Usually you use a bike with plain nut ends or Quick release.
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