Three things you have done that you wished you hadn't.


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I'd be all day trying to narrow it down to three.


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NE England
First one's easy. I should never have married the first Mrs Byegad.
No 2. I should have left a job that was making me unhappy, stressed and depressed much, much earlier than I did.
No 3. I should have fallen out with an old friend who was abusing our friendship long before he forced the issue.


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On 3 Wheels
Fallen over at work and broke my Femur
Been in training for Leicester to LEJoG and back to Leicester just before I broke my femur
Built up my 653 TT bike as a TT bike to train on intensely for the trip as well as several 200 mile overnight stop trips to test out what kit I'd got and what I still needed to get.

I had a doctor and 2 male nurses pulling at my broken leg to get it into a 'Traction Frame' before my operation due to the muscle strength I'd built up. :eek:
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