thuggish minority of cyclists....?


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This is how the DM label these so called cyclists.

Who are the cyclists? Although it's a controversial subject but I'll say anyway...... for me and in my experience on the road as a cyclist these people are SOME "cyclists" obsessed with bringing down their PB. Of course not everybody trying for a better PB is in this category but there are some that see people, dogs, traffic lights, etc as simply obstacles in their crusade to brake their PB. No wonder some people hate cyclists......

In all honesty I have no time for these people at all, if you want to go faster then do it where it's appropriate.

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I've recently discovered after midnight cycling. I have a few pints in the pub then go for a 10 mile ride around my local town, including 3 big supermarket car parks. These are great as they are semi lit and empty apart from the odd night workers car. The main road usually choc a bloc during the day is unused after midnight and you can fly up and down it for miles without any cars, apart from the odd taxi who surprisingly always seem to observe the Highway Code and acknowledge you as they pass by.:cheers:


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I automatically ignore anything written in the Daily Hate so shall be applying the same filter to this.

Being hit once is bad luck, but twice in a week...

...are we sure it is the cyclist at fault here?
Also from said article:

"the police have established, in conjunction with the Transport Research Laboratory, that half of all collisions between bicycles and cars are the fault of the cyclist"

Anyone familiar with this cited evidence ?


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Petsy Wyatt has previous for this stuff. Subject selected from the Bran Tub - this week cycling (again).

How much is she paid to write this inverted pyramid of piffle.


Funny how I can count on one hand the number of cyclists i have seen behaving like idiots, in 10 years, and yet every time i go out in my car I see the same number of drivers act like idiots in one journey!


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If people took a bit of responsibility for their actions when using the roads,whether it be a pedestrian,cyclist,horse rider,motor vehicle user then there would be plenty of room for all. No matter what form of transport non responsible people use, they will always cause accidents.

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