THURSDAY 6th DEC - Forth Road Bridge Closed to Bikes

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Tetedelacourse, 6 Dec 2007.

  1. Tetedelacourse

    Tetedelacourse New Member

    Just checked with FETA (luckily) and the bridge is closed now to us due to strong winds.:sad:

    Rhythm Thief you're binned too in your high-sided vehicle.

    look top right

    £3.70 to Scotrail:angry::smile::smile:!:blush::biggrin:!
  2. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    bleeding hell, you ride across that every day? cool

    RT can probably go across the river with some sort of inflatable skirt
  3. Shyte im going to have to change my route to work.:smile:
  4. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer

    Im off today and boy was the wind fierce, hope it dies down for tomorrow early shift !!

    Edit just had a quick look on the site is it just closed to high siders or does that also mean cycles as well ??
  5. goo_mason

    goo_mason Champion barbed-wire hurdler

    Leith, Edinburgh
    There was a lovely, serious wind that almost blew me all the way home to Leith tonight.

    Only got a bit hairy on parts of the route when it was hitting me side-on with some sodding great gusts. Still, keeps you on your toes and alert, I suppose.

    Hope all you Forth Road Bridgers managed to get home !
  6. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London

    *Pedestrian slaughter alert*

  7. HJ

    HJ Cycling in Scotland

    Auld Reekie
    What via Kincardine??!!! Thats a mega cycle... Closing the bridge to cyclist is a bit over the top, the barriers are high enough to stop people being blown off, unless you are using a penny farthing;)

    Coming up through town was fun tonight, but the wind is dying down now.
  8. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer
    i`ve been blown of the bike going over the bridge, its keck filling experience let me tell you :smile:
  9. OP

    Tetedelacourse New Member

    wind's meant to be worse tomorrow Grumps.

    And definitely closed to bikes. Although I don't think they'd send someone out after you if you lift your bike over the barrier!

  10. :smile:
  11. Also in a lorry. I went over there once just before they shut it and I could feel the trailer trying to pull me over. I had about a third of the steering lock on just to keep it in a straight line! Very scary indeed, especially in a truck with no seatbelts.
  12. He had a seatbelt atleast !
  13. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer
    I remember that accident, bridge was shut for ages, I seem to recall that the lorry also cut through one of the hangers as well ? However it goes to show how flippen scary that bridge can be, I took a mate of mine up to the bridge earlier this year we got as far as the first tower and he wanted to get back quick smartish :tongue:
  14. Reminds me of the first time I cycled over it as a kid (from the Fife) I got as far as the South Queensferry side only to double back home, it was getting dark in 6hrs:blush:
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