time for trading standards?


A few weeks ago Mrs Noodley placed a telephone order for an item and was asked to send off a cheque and the goods would then be sent by return.

After a week the goods had not arrived ans she called to enquire whether the cheque had been received, was advised it had and the goods were being sent the same day. (the cheque has since been cashed)

Another week passed and still no goods. So another phone call and more assurances the goods were being sent the same day.

Following a further lapse of time, with no goods having arrived, she sent a letter to the company involved requesting the goods be sent immediately. She has also phoned and left messages, but nobody has returned her calls.

So, time for trading standards? Or should I thrown caution to the wind and eat their babies?
Or any other advice?
Contact Trading Standards. Baby eating as a back up if you don't get satisfaction.


Trading standards seem the next thing,a call from them can work wonders,so iv heard,name and shame?


col said:
Trading standards seem the next thing,a call from them can work wonders,so iv heard,name and shame?
I have no idea who they are, and Mrs Noodley ain't here to ask...some company who sell horse-riding gear.


Taking the biscuit
I sorted out a similar mess with PC W*rld commuted with 3 words; small claims court.
And then add to this that you will be requesting all corrospondence, any phone logs and recordings(for training purposes et al)relating to this purchase/transaction through a Freedom Of Information Act request.
(I have a copy of the form I can email to you, it costs £10 to apply for the actual request)

PC W*rld fell over themselves, but still ignored all my calls & e-mails, but resolved the situation to my satisfaction brought about by perfectly legal

Contacting trading standards is certainly worth doing ASAP.

Good Luck and keep on at them even if it's starting to feel like 'The Customer Is Always Right' has gone the way of 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'!

T x


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col said:
A very specialised shop eh,im suprised they are so lax?
No more specialised necessarily, than, for example, Evans, with bike stuff... Yes, they might be a little business, but there are some bigger chain type equestrian stores.
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