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hi newby here with a few questions on time trials

i have been told that 10mile time trials can help for training in sportives and triathlons, however as i am not a member of a club can someone assist in the following

  • is a time trial usually completed over a relatively flat ride (no massive climbs)
  • would 1 time trial a week be enough for adeqate training if i am also doing at least 2 rides a week roughly 30-50 miles
  • any idea of a decent time to aim for, for a beginner whos not massivley fit but isnt too bad (if you know what i mean lol)


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Courses can vary, but usually if its really steep it will probably be called a hill climb. You can choose your events, so choose courses that test your weaknesses if this is a training excersise (choosing courses to suit your strengths is great if you are looking to be competative but as training it might be better to pick a race you know will put you outside your confort zone). Plus you can enter club handicap events as a non-member on the night of the race usually.

It might help you to some degree but in reality, both are quite different beasts, 10 mile all out effort is very different to 6 hours in the saddle. Good time trial performance will require different training to sportive riding.

It might help you in triathlons, depending on length, a sprint triathlon, yes it will help reduce times in the bike leg, and condition you to use less energy in the leg such that you can run better off the bike, but for a 70.3 or full ironman, its not going to help much, if at all.

1 TT a week is enough most likely for training for most people, its going to be intense and its going to hurt, so you will want to leave adequite recovery following.

Less than 30 mins (20mph average speed)?


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A ten will be fun and addictive but won't be that useful for sportive type riding unless you get in a fast bunch and want to push the pace.

One club TT a week is about right, but ideally you need to be a member of a club to compete - many club events will operate Come And Try It but like/expect you to join after a couple of events.

Courses are entirely dependent on the area and club. Club events tend to be on smaller roads (out and back using a roundabout, or a circuit) while some opens are run on very fast dual carriageways.

Where do you live? I can point you in the direction of courses in your district.
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