To all you hybrid/MTB roadies


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If you use bar ends and would like to have mirrors also, I recommend you get some of these they are really good and the mirrors, even though they are smallish you can see everything you need to. The one on the left is especially useful on roundabouts and looking back in to the distance.

I got some last week and I love them.

Not many people use bar-ends these days as Riser Bars have replaced flat bars on MTBs and you can't use bar-ends on Riser Bars.

I was told it could overstress the bar at the bend.

Just what I was told.

I did use them on my old GT back in the 1990s

Thought they'd just gone out of fashion


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It might stress a pair of carbon risers if you hauled on the bar ends on a steep climb, but you can just about feel my lowriser flex when i'm out of the saddle and dragging the XC up a really steep bit. Otherwise they give welcome extra hand positions and a wider grip for long climbs.

Sorry to hi-jack your thread Op, but I prefer to look over my shoulder on the (flat-barred0 Boardman anyway. B)


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Back to mirrors:

A couple of guys at work have and swear by Bike Eye
I look over my shoulder.

No panniers then?
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