To bidet or not to bidet?


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It's a crying shame that we don't as a rule have bidets in this country!

On occasion, after I've stood up from karking out a ripe one, I go to wipe, quickly realise it's a lost cause due to the quantity remaining, so I end up taking my trousers off and standing in the shower.

A bidet, a bidet! My dignity for a bidet!

Does that ever happen to you? Do you too often yearn for the fresh, cleansing pleasures of a bidet?
This thread is useless without pictures........:biggrin::wacko:
magnatom said:
Aaaawwww, don't spoil the fun. It's almost worth mentioning that we could use helmet cameras to investigate the problem.......:biggrin::wacko:
I can't decide if that's a deliberate or unintentional fnaar type comment?


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Crackle said:
Phew, fixed.

Here: I personally recommend it :biggrin:

I was thinking the very same!

Don't you hate it even more when you take two steps out of the bathroom having just recovered from a 20 minute two-and-a-half-toliet-roll plus shower experience ... only for your body (the evil enemy) to tell you that you've only done half of it and there's a whole load more to come? :wacko:


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Can I substitute my bathroom basin for a bidet?
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