To the bloke pushing the brand new Casati


Last of the Summer Winos
through Lockwood this morning...

I wasn't being nasty when I rode past you.

I'd noticed that your front wheel was flat and thought to myself "That'll teach him not to have a pump". I was just about to pull over and offer to help, when I realised I'd left my own pump on the bench in the shed......:rolleyes:

Wasn't going to be much I could do, so I just rode on.

Hope someone else stopped to help.
Bloody amateurs :rolleyes: I have two pumps in my bag.
MartinC said:
What if you forget your bag........................
I have only done that once...during the snow....walked down the road as the side road was slippery and then realized I didn't have my bag...had to come back...although that is mighty rare.;)

It would really be sods law though to forget my bag once in a million years and then have a p*nct*r£.:wacko:


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LOL i remember those! thats true though, i cycle to work every morning, its only 7.5 miles so if i get a flat I shall phone the misses to pick me up, probably should revise it, im sure she puts her phone on silent now. At work and a guy had a flat and everyone automatically assumed i would fix it because i cycle to work everyday, i was like "i dont even have a pump" Hang my head in shame. will start to take my spare inner and pump with me now in my pockets.
One of the first things you learn in cycling is when you get a flat you need a pump.
There's a young lad who rides with our club. He NEVER has a pump or spare tubes with him, just depends on everyone else.
He even went round the Northern Rock Cyclone 104 mile route with no kit the other week.
To make matters worse, on club runs he does'nt even take money for the cafe stop!:smile:
I was out Friday with pump and spare tube, but not levers. Fortunately the glass I went over didn't go right through the tyre so I was able to get home on 2 air top ups.
Well if I do cycle to Southend on the fixie I will take two spare tubes and a pump.

I do wonder though that as the London - Southend Charity bike ride is on the 18th whether I could wangle myself onto it...Im working that day.
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