Today's dilemma.

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betty swollocks

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I've just returned from a quick 30 mile blat round some country lanes.
During my travels, I came across a rabbit sitting in the middle of the road. It made no attempt to scamper off when I went past on my bike, or when I stopped and approached it on foot. Its little nose was twitching and it appeared to look at me with clear, discharge-free eyes, but there were one or two telltale small bald patches where fur should have been.
I suspect that it was in the early stages of myxomatosis.
I picked it up and gently placed it in some long grass underneath a hedge. Did I do right, or should I have dispatched it?


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You should go and get checked by a vet immediatly:biggrin:


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I always dispatch them. If they're allowing you to pick them up, then they're in a bad way and have quite a bit of suffering before they die.

How exactly would you go about 'dispatching' them though?


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how could a rabbit kill my family?


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You could've got it to read a transcript of one of Users and bonjs 'discussions', it would have soon lost the will to live.
I've had the same dilemma Sweaty. I've always bottled it and left bunny there. Er, is there a less brutal way of knocking them off than whacking with a rock? Yes, I am a mimsy great jessy, deal with it. I know you can 'stretch' them but isn't there a risk that you can pull their wikkle bunny heads clean off?
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