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Except you weren't speeding. Speed limits, except is some specific locations such as Royal Parks, only apply to motor vehicles. Feel free to ride as fast as it is safe to on your bike. You are even entitled to legally exceed 70mph if you want a real challenge to go for.


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I was signalled to by a driver and passenger this evening.
On a rural road I was aware of a car behind me, I heard the bass notes of the "music". The engine note hinted the vehicle was slowing, and my internal alarm bell was beginning to sound as the said vehicle pulled along side but maintained a safe distance. I looked over to see the car window open and driver and passenger, two young ladies, waving and smiling broadly. I returned the wave with a smile as they sped off to look for someone younger but they brightened up a rather dull day for me.^_^
happens all the time, mate. They see those rippling glutes, those taught calves, the purposeful rhythm, and settle in a bit before curiosity gets the better of them.....

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You may not have actually been speeding anyway. I have yet to own/drive a car that isn't fairly accurately 3mph optimistic at 30mph and upwards for the remaining sensible speeds. He was most likely 'only' doing 27mph'ish so there is still some room for you to be beating him without breaking the 30mph barrier that doesn't apply to you :whistle:


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The speedo's in cars are set a fraction above what you are actually doing. So if he said he was doing 30, it would probably be about 28/29 (depending on how the car is set up).
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If I remember right, when I was at Uni we had a lecturer from manchester visit, some expert on automotive design standards. I believe he said speedos were not allowed to display under speed. Actual speed had to be +0/-10% of display, so 27 at 30mph is about a maximum allowed under read.
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