Tom Boonen's Special jersey!

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Hey this is my first post i think im putting this in the right section as i dont think it will go any where else!
Tom Boonen wears a special jersey because he is an Ex-World Champion and so he has the normal Quickstep jersey but with added rainbow bands around the collar and sleeve, but iv tried looking everywhere to purchase a jersey like this but cant seem to find anywhere to purchase it from ;) and id realy love to have one to wear out on my bike specialy as its summer and were actualy having some decent days without rain at the moment! i was wonderin if any1 could point me in the right direction to get hold of this jersey?any sites or shops?
It would be much appreciated

For anyone who is unfirmiliar with the jersey here is a picture
I think a shirt like that has to be earned! ;)
Or you could try and contact Tom and ask him for it! :sad:
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