TomTom for street mapping in Paris - anyone got a view using a battery in the saddle bag?


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I mean, propper cycle gps/satnav is bloody expensive...
...Could you not just use a normal TomTom if you're just riding on normal roads?

I know there'd be a battery life issue but say for example, you're off out on a long trip along unknown roads and get yourself lost. Rather than faff about with maps, could you not just have an old tomtom one in your luggage/saddle bag and fire it up for a bit while you get yourself sorted out?

I want to ride around Paris using my TomTom for street mapping , anyone got a view using a battery in the saddle bag, how big should it be for a days ride


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I did this with my trike. I used a small moped/scooter battery and put it in a crossbar bag which I got off ebay. I used to charge it up every night and it would still have plenty of charge left at the end of the day.


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