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I have a suggestion - how about a library folder where we can store the best topics for reference? I think that perhaps there are too many stickies in commuting for example, and this makes it harder and harder to read the forum as more scrolling is required. The thing is though, they're all really good topics that I'd hate to see disappear. Maybe they could be replaced by one sticky that summarises them and links to them in the library folder.


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Great idea, I hate having to scroll past the stickies.


The new forum software allows forum posts to be converted to articles.

These can then be stored in a categorised fashion as fixed-content and handled like regular web pages - much like the library idea you've proposed.

I haven't really had much chance to play with the new content management system, and probably won't get it up and running before the launch, but it's one of the reasons I invested in the software and one of the things I plan to work on specifically once we've migrated the forums.

Shaun :sad:
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