Total justification for e bikes

BMS do have a good reputation my 3 q100 units are well into their third year of use , they are a little sensitive when used with some 3rd party controllers but the lcd controller from panda bikes seems to work with them but that really needs a mod to get the speedo to work properly, I have modified 2 of these with a sensor from a scrap bike speedo.


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I know it's getting better in the UK (my partner's in London and she's started looking for them there) but the choice of folding ebikes seems to be much greater here in Germany... many of them with various Bosch mid-engine designs, either with the battery on the seat tube or the down tube, which brings the center of gravity way down and super-controllable. Much less cumbersome.

Just ebikes has three from Hercules — a German company— (, one of them being an all carbon one... so there ARE some better choices should you decide to go that route.

Good luck!
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