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Total justification for e bikes

Discussion in 'Electric Bikes' started by Phil Fouracre, 14 Aug 2016.

  1. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    Are you still enjoying your Gtech?
  2. Salar

    Salar Senior Member

    Regarding the kits, Up to now I've only found one supplier who does a motor to fit 80mm front drop outs, the rest are 100mm.

    So if you have a Dawes, Dahon or Brompton make sure you check, no problem with rear dropouts most are 130-135mm, just more difficult to find 20" rear wheels with motors.

    Still undecided to go for front or rear motor, what's available, ease of fitting and just get on with it might decide for me.

    I've never ridden an e bike so not sure what to expect.

    I would have thought a front motor on a 20" wheel folder might make the steering slightly heavy and do strange things when cornering.

    And a rear motor, all that weight on the back, should give good grip on loose stuff.
  3. keithmac

    keithmac Über Member

    Yeh, got nearly 500 miles of commuting on it now and it hasn't missed a beat.

    Very happy with it!.
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  4. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    A legal motor of the type you are thinking of is a lot less powerful than many people think.

    The assistance is very noticeable, no doubt about that, but on it's own the motor won't pull you up much of a hill.

    Wheel spin with a front motor is not really a problem, although on a stiff climb I find it hard to get my weight forward, quite the reverse, I tend to yank back on the bars.

    A front motor might 'skip' briefly in that scenario, but it hasn't got enough grunt to spin like a burn out.

    I reckon most folders have a shorter wheel base and the rider tends to sit further back which doesn't help.

    It's unlikely you will notice much difference in steering feel, certainly not enough to make the bike in any way difficult to control.
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  5. Velow

    Velow Member

    More motorbike than bike on first looks
  6. Salar

    Salar Senior Member


    Perhaps I'm being impatient?

    I sent out emails last Thursday / Friday to kit suppliers as it doesn't seem to be that you can speak to them on the phone.

    Out of the bunch only one replied.

    Makes you wonder what their after sales is like if something goes wrong.
  7. OP
    Phil Fouracre

    Phil Fouracre Senior Member

    Looks like I was right in my original post, there is justification for lecci bikes :-) Just come back to this post and glanced at some of the comments. Having fitted four conversions now I have a couple of thoughts that might be useful. Pale rider is right, in that none are what I would call 'powerful', but, then you probably fit them for 'assistance'. I found fitting front wheel kits worked well and actually helped handling, probably because you then have an 'all wheel drive effect'. Certainly better on corners, if surface is poor.
    Re: torq arms - I would say an absolute must, especially on front kits on bikes without beefed up forks, learnt a lesson on Thorn Tours, when the drop outs appeared to 'spread'!!
    Put larger, rear kits on full suss mountain bikes, and on these, rear is the way to go, mainly for traction.
    As far as backup goes, there is no reason for this not being available. I've dealt with Cyclotricity throughout, and, they have been very good. They seem to have struggled with demand more recently, and hopefully service won't deteriorate!
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  8. MarkF

    MarkF Guru

    After my E-Bike ownership of last year, I decide they just didn't make sense for me in any way. I have an arduous commute plus an arduous job, often I just don't want to cycle, I am too tired.

    The electric bikes that I desire are £k's, like anything I want something that looks good, otherwise I don't get pleasure from it or look after it, I am not riding something that Mary Poppins would. Then there are the residual values, technology is moving so fast, in a minor demand market. Then there is the speed..........

    I bought a 125cc bike instead.
  9. voyager

    voyager E- tadpole Triker

    We have been using home built electric trikes with 37v and q100 motors for the past 30 months . great fun and practical . rottingdean.jpg
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  10. mustang1

    mustang1 Veteran

    London, UK
    It seems less people are anti e-bike these days than they were just a couple of years ago. I wouldn't mind an e-bike if my commutes became much longer.

    The only problem I see formyself is my normal bike keeps me reasonably fit and if I ever done any less exercise, I would balloon out. And an e-bike is dippo tempting to ride given the choice.

    Generally I'm all up for them. Saw one just yesterday, couldn't keep up with the bugger. :smile:
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  11. Mrs M

    Mrs M Veteran

    We were in Edinburgh Bikes yesterday having Mr M's bike tweaked.
    Had a look round the shop as the mechanic worked away.
    Showed Mr M the electric bikes and he thought they were great, even said good idea for when we're older :smile:
  12. Salar

    Salar Senior Member


    After almost three weeks since I sent out emails to the conversion kit companies, only one company replied to my questions.
    As they don't list their phone numbers emails seem to be the only way to contact them.

    I've given up investing £500+ plus with these companies, so I won't be going down the conversion route, but I'll possibly keep an eye on fully built bikes in the future instead.
  13. OP
    Phil Fouracre

    Phil Fouracre Senior Member

    It's a shame you've had no luck. The great advantage of retrofit kits is being able to choose the best bike for the job. We've now got tourers and full suss mtbs, all bases covered!
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  14. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    I've got 2 of these kits, if you scroll down to the bottom there is a telephone number.


    BTW both kits over 2yrs trouble free.
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  15. Salar

    Salar Senior Member

    Thanks @raleighnut

    Perhaps you've changed my mind (again)!

    I might well give them a call, although their website is very comprehensive.

    One of the problems I was having was finding a front wheel motor to fit the narrow drop out on my Dawes folder,I did find one supplier but I can install rear anyway if push comes to shove:smile:.

    I'm starting to think it might be best to fit the motor to one of my other stronger bikes which are not folders and don't have hydraulic brakes.

    Ones my old Pioneer, the other is my 1980's steel framed Rockhopper Comp, currently being set up for short tours. Frames are ok, but it seems a lot to spend on thirty year old bikes!