Tour de Yorkshire revealed


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
There's a start/finish near me in Wakefield, plus one in Leeds.

Should be good and it's visiting bits of Yorkshire that didn't get included in the TDF stages. Expect some Yorkshire Moors and Wolds plus coastal stuff.
Am not a great fan of cycle racing and the tour de france. Sometimes used to watch it for a bit thinking i'd find the scenery interesting and then quickly got bored. Tuned in for the yorkshire tdf this year and must say yorkshire looked stunning.

I assume lots of french folk will now be over for their hols.

Good luck to it - all the best from Lancashire.


Smash the cistern
I just think it's a pity they needed to call it the Tour "de" Yorkshire. Are people really that stupid and shallow they need the faux French to make the link to the TdF? What's wrong with the Tour of Yorkshire?
I know what you mean winjim, but they are doubtless considering the delicate sensibilities of those who use a "bidon" and pepper their conversations with "chapeau" at the drop of a hat.
maybe its just Yorkshire simply paying homage to the Tour de France......

I do hope homage is pronounced to rhyme with fromage.
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