Tour of Turkey (spoilers)


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Riders from minor teams the doomed break of the day. Rally and Turkiye I think. 25km to go, 30s gap, easily in sight as they ride along another bland motorway. Will anything happen to break this race out of what I think is its usual snoozefest-then-sprint pattern?

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And Cav comes in in 23rd place. Let's hope he's on the mend.
I noticed that the prat, Mustafa Sayar, is riding again after his ban when caught doping when winning in 2013.
It's a debatable point whether he should be racing again but it's a bit rich to pick him in the Turkey team ostensibly representing his country, not even a trade team.
On further research, I see he's been there for the last 2 years. I can still vividly remember the jaw-dropping performance as he belted up the mountains back then.


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Not watched much of this as been away.Jackobson took today's stage with Sam Bennet 2nd and Cav 3rd.Bit better for Cav ?
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