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Ste T.

Hi folks
Has anybody had any experience of the Revolution cargo trailer from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. I have two rear panniers but find that they aren't sufficient for my needs. I have front suss forks so the price of a specialist rack and two decent front panniers is entering the ballpark price of the trailer
Thanks for any help.
I've never used one but i remember reading a very good review of it in What Mountain Bike a couple of years ago

sorry i cant be of any more help than that

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the carry freedom trailer gets good reviews
i have made my own and am in process of trying it out on a few local runs though i am on a trike trailer cost me very little as an experiment if i don't get on with it it hasn't cost me a lot if i like it it will justify buying a branded one


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I may be wrong but I think I read somewhere that the above trailer and the revolution don't work with 700c & guards. They are supposedly fine with 26s & guards though.

I was going to get one until I found that out. I'm not 100% sure though, just a warning.
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