Training/Fitness Programme for a Newbie

I am just starting to get back into cycling again (I think).

I would welcome suggestions for a traing/fitness programme.

I am 75 years old. I cycled quite a lot in my teens and early twenties. Played rugby until I was in my fifties. I did long distance road running until four or five years ago - knee problem helped me to decide to give up running. I was a member of a gym until last winter. I swim very occasionally - too boring. I walk.

I then got my MTB out of the shed and have done a bit of cycling over the past few weeks. I bought a bike computer last week and since then have been trying to get a bit more serious about it.

Where do I go from here? Just go out and enjoy it? Join a club/group? Or should I have a proper exercise programme?

I should lose some weight - I am about 6' 0", weigh about 14st 5lb My level of fitness and general health is good.

What next? All suggestions gratefully received.
Firstly Duncan my friend welcome to the forums. Secondly I suggest you have a wee chat with your GP before embarking on any new training regime (for peace of mind if nothing else)
It's good that you've chosen cycling as a way of keeping fit as it is such a lovely, social way of doing it, especially if you hook up with a club (although riding an MTB maybe not the best idea for road runs)
I would get a decent, and not necessarily expensive, road bike and start off gently riding 4-5 miles every other day at a gentle pace on relatively flat roads with the idea of raising your heart rate to the point where you are just a little breathless (but could still hold a conversation) until you feel confident that you could push it a little further and harder. The more you ride the fitter you will become - naturally.
I would imagine most clubs would have a section for folk in your age group and they would be more than happy to have you tag along and give you advice and encouragement, and indeed a new circle of friends, at the same time.
Whereabouts are you?

Good luck, and enjoy,



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Thank you Bill. I am in Surrey (Can I add that to my profile thingy at the side?)

I have consulted my GP. I listed the other things that I have done in order to show that I have done physically demanding activities over the years and am not a couch potato.

Do most cycling clubs have a crinklies section?
Duncan, I should be relocating to Kent within the next 12 months or so and have looked up a few cycling clubs to consider joining (nothing serious - weekend rides/maybe the odd sportive) and by far the majority seem to either have a 'seniors' section or welcome the more mature rider. If you don't get a welcome it aint much of a club, in my view, but I can't see that being the case in all honesty. There are even a few bike shops about that organise regular rides that are not too taxing if you don't want to commit too much. Not much use to you but The Hub Cycles in Sandgate nr Folkestone are a group that I am going to hitch up with for Tuesday or Sunday leisurely rides (finishing at the pub next door!). Look out for them on Facebook to get an idea of what may be on YOUR doorstep. Whereabouts in Surrey?.....I could dig around for you.

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