Training for speed, not endurance


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I have been training for the last few months to complete the L2B, which I did yesterday. This has all really been endurance type stuff, just getting myself use to being in the saddle for 4 hours at a time, avergae speeds have been about 14 mph.

I've now got to train for another event in September, which will involve covering 20Km (about 12.5 miles) as quickly as possible.

How can I change my training to get more speed over the short distance?

Any help much appreciated.



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If you want to race at a speed, you have to train at it.


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Im just going to copy paste my response to GregCollins, hope this is some help:

Maybe try doing some intervals on a turbo or something, you can already cover the distance no problem right? So now you need to push up your speed, so maintain endurance by training it, but less often (once a week will be fine), and focus on speed training.

15 mins warm up, ramping up to about 70% max effort, then 20 mins hard (90%), 5-10 mins rolling recovery, 20 mins hard (90%), 5-10 rolling recovery, 15 mins cool down.

Average speeds and HR over 1st and 2nd interval should be about the same, if the second is lower speed, or hgher HR, you went too hard in the 1st, likewise if the second is faster or lower HR, you didnt go hard enough in the 1st. The aim is to be able to complete them leaving very little left in the tank, but enough such that the second interval can be completed at the prescribed intensity. Some cardiac drift is expected, but you shouldnt see wild variations between intervals.

Once (or twice when you get used to it) a week. Follow this day with an easy medium length ride, 60-90 mins at a leisurely pace.
If you want to know the in depth theories behind this, and want a proper explination of how to train for different race types I suggest you refer to "The Cyclist's Training Bible" by Joe Friel. It is a very good book, it wont provide training schedules per se, but it will help you to intelligently plan your own season.
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