Training out a 60/40 L/R power imbalance


As part of my recovery from my knee injury my sports physio put me on a watt bike with a l/r differential power meter.

The right quad has atrophied significantly in the 4 months the knee was healing, my total power output was very low as expected however my % split was 62 left and 38 right!

The tendon pain is pretty much gone and I now have general soreness stiffness and weakness in the knee and upper leg and top of calves caused by the lack of muscle engagement. This sets in after standing or walking for any period of time.

Has anyone trained out an imbalance like this? How did it go and what techniques did you use?


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I had a similar imbalance following medial knee ligament damage. A personal trainer at the gym had me doing Watt bike work trying to balance the displays and step ups on to a (?)45cm step - One right knee (the stronger) two left knee. Three sets of 10/20 (or rather building up to that then doing that regularly.

Caveat: Do not follow advice from random strangers like me on the internet without first consulting a sports physio


Yeah I have the advice from the sports physio just looking for experience from people who have actually done it.
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