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Will you be applying Steve?


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It will depend where it is going. I think some of the riders fancy a change from Belgium to Greece. The idea of this year's route. Heading South to go way up North to head South again didnt appeal to me.

A start in Portugal or Spain would be good.

I may just go and do Tuscany Road again.


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When do successful applicants get announced?


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#43 riding my Brompton.
I have no interest in racing but will make steady progress where possible. I want to experience the atmosphere of TCR as a rider. I have been there as a spectator and volunteer.

I will be getting as far as I can, as fast as I can, in the spirit of the race. My aims are to enjoy the ride, meet some people, see some places I have never seen. I would like to get to CP1 before it closes. About 260km in 25 hours. Ride across Bulgaria. Visit Vukovar an some other places.

The Brompton was an easy decision for me. I am not a fast rider and am only a couple of km slower than on my road bike. Its got good gears for hills. My heart rate is a lot slower on the Brompton. Its easier to fix than my other bikes. Its different and fun to ride

Roger Seaton got his Brompton 1206km along the TCR route last year before the bike could not be fixed and he had to scratch. So thats a line in the sand to aim for. Its the only time a Brompton has entered the TCR. If I can encourage someone else to have a go with a Brompton. That would be great

Frank. If you wake up and I am ahead of you. You know you have big problems^_^

For the dot watchers. I will be easy to find.
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