Trek 7.6 v Jamis Elite


Hi there,
I've been prevaricating over a C2W bike for some months (was away over summer) considering a Trek 7.6 FX and a Jamis Elite. Looking for any opinions or experience on either of these !

I rode the Jamis briefly: seemed quite good.....I haven't yet ridden a Trek (but have 2 friends who raved about theirs, albeit different models), but do plan to. They seem on the face of it to be similar (similar weight, mostly similar gear components, although the Jamis looks slightly better spec'd there...)

Now for the technical dive: based on & not much real knowledge:
The gearing on the Trek looks much broader (both are 50/34 front, but 11-36 on Trek rear and 'only' 12-30 on the Jamis.
As someone who does tend to struggle a bit up hills, anyone think I would seriously notice the Trek as being a lot better ?
The numbers tend to suggest to me "yes" - & (just checked!) my old Marin has 28/38/48 front & 11-30 rear.....which to me sounds like the Trek is almost identical in range, but the Jamis is tighter either end.

there. I know the real answer is to try them both back to back....& I will try....but appreciate any comments !
(FYI, I do like "bar ends" on my Marin, and I can see I would need special ones for the Trek)...
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