Trek flatbar dog basket


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I’m not sure an ordinary handlebar mount basket would be suitable for even a small dog?
I think I would utilise the fork mounting points and go for a porteur type rack to fix/support a dog carrier/basket.
These Specialized pizza racks look decent.[campaign_name]&sv_term=[keyword]&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1pblBRDSARIsACfUG11bMDqVXyQRPgLsnTz7Kyz5eN3pI-ImRekiwaOFuqd1Ulf0ihyDMkQaAq-sEALw_wcB
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I was thinking something using the fork mounts might be best.

This clip on basket has a weight limit of 5kg, which when I was looking at handlebar luggage seemed quite common.

The Brompton luggage block is rated at 10kg, so it might be possible to find a clip on with sufficient rating for the Trek.

Exceeding the limit by a little now and again probably doesn't matter, but to do so routinely with a live animal isn't very responsible.


As above, specialize pizza rack would be my choice. I've got one and it's surprisingly sturdy - and rated up to 15kg if memory serves.


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I think I would put a dog on the back of the bike not the front. I've never seen a child seat over the front forks so I won't want to put a dog there either. The front forks do the turning and take the brunt of most impacts.
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