<second in command>

"why don't we get a mammoth?"


"nope, bonj has already covered all the bases with mammoths"


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I like Bruce too!

Actually Mr Paul, you're not so far off. One of our lecturers told us a story about one of the first tribes to be studied by an early anthropologist, who went on to write a book on their customs. 20 or 30 years later , or maybe more, I can't remember, another group went to study them, and would ask them "Why do you do that ritual", or that custom, or whatever. Each time the elders would disappear into the hut to confer with the interpreter and then come out and explain. Eventually one of the researchers asked to be allowed in the hut. The elders were looking the answers up in the original book...


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<end of weekly tribal meeting>

the chief-

"Oh, and don't forget lads -that Bruce Parry is coming next Wednesday.

We need to make up some customs so that the white man looks a complete tit on TV."

"oh, and make sure you hide all the porn…"

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Margaret Mead was apparently royally stitched up in Samoa, when she was spun a yarn about complete sexual freedom and frolics. It's never been quite established whether she was lied to or whether the girls she spoke to changed their stories under the subsequent influence of Christianity, but it cast a lot of doubt on anthropology as a science. Shows that the act of observing can change the nature of what is being observed.


Aaaanyway...I have to say it was quite a schadenfreude moment watching Bruce puke his whole digestive system up last night...educational. Also, was it me, or did people feel slightly bad seeing monkeys getting killed? It must be their anthropomorphic characteristics.


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The Margaret Mead thing is still very controversial and it's far from certain that she was fooled or lying.

I like 'Tribe' - I think Parry is engaging and humble. He might be more boring than someone like Benedict Allen, but he's also a bit less mental.
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