Trivial things that make you annoyed beyond expectations?

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I thought everyone cut the labels out of clothes before wearing? I've never know people keep the label on. Are you joking?

Not joking. Cutting them off leaves an even itchier label stub rubbing against my soft creamy skin.

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Yes - Midday from Ipswich outwards, 10:40 from Nottingham homewards, the same as most of the jjourneys I make on this route with no paper tickets previously.

I’ve found that anytime tickets have been available as etickets whilst off peak you have to have paper. Same route. I’m wondering if off peak has something to do with it, and whether ticket barriers can’t recognise off peak as separate from anytime e tickets.


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Yes, then when something needs replacing - no idea what size to buy. Really annoying.

If you buy online they usually give the measurement of the item, plus some even ask for your height, weight etc then recommend a size. I think most people usually know roundabouts which size they need?. Obviously preference comes into it as well.
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