Trivial things that make you annoyed beyond expectations?


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There's a little thing that doesn't bother us at first, like a little foible we find endearing in a loved one until it grows beyond tolerance and makes you want to plunge a red hot poker into thei......but then becomes a MAJOR annoyance.

I'm going to go for the trivialest (is that a word? It is now!) thing that causes the most annoyance; i-pod and i-pad. Not the items themselves but their words! They are TOO similar and inevitably lead to you saying one when really, you are trying to say the other. It boils my tripe, that one does! Boils my tripe. 'Have you got the cable for the i-pad......i-POD, love?' One hundred thousand billion gaZILlion times a day that's heard in our house and it makes me want to earn so much money that I can buy Apple just so I can stop production of one of them and remove it from history.

And relaxxxx......
Aren't they the same cable? ^^

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Leaving the swing bin lid open in the office kitchen... why?
i'll swing for this............
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