Trivial things that make you annoyed beyond expectations?


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@ebikeerwidnes This annoys me, too! I almost feel like carrying a tin of spray paint, or a spanner, with me to get rid of them, but I don't..
Why doesn't every road junction have a sign saying 'Motorists: Get out of your tin can and push it'
11mm spanner(brakes), will fit the nuts on the signs.

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Just heard the Herbert caller on the local radio phone in say "Nineteen hundred and fifty seven",in reference to a record/song that came out in 1957. I've mentioned his over exaggeration of dates before. Again,why didn't he just go the whole hog and say 'In the year of our lord,nineteen hundred and fifty seven'.🧐
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Wha' d'yer mean, "veteran"?
Dunno if this has been done before but

Road signs saying "Cyclists Dismount" - normally on a cycle path
errr - OK - why??
especially when there is a road that we are entitled to use - why not just say end of cycle path?
and - most importantly - I have never seen a sign saying "Cyclists Remount"
so what is it saying - "When a person on a bicycle reaches this point they must dismount - and then never ride a bike ever again"???

I have never seen one of these signs that makes much sense
In one case a better sign would have been
Warning - narrowed path - cyclist slow down and give way to walkers
or something
There is at least one, complete with post, lying on the bottom of the Leven estuary, having accidentally been dislodged from its particularly pointless position at the end of a bridge.:whistle:

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It annoys me when I put a half zip top on and the zip is done up and my head won't fit through the hole!!
I wander around, flapping my arms looking stupidly like Shaun of the Dead until I can get it off..

No offence, @Shaun

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I've just heard an advert (Vision Express) on the radio saying 'we offer a free lifetime glasses service'. Let me see.🤔 That'll mean replacing or tightening those fiddly tiny screws and maybe replacing a fallen off nose bridge piece.:rolleyes: That's hardly like 'free servicing' for cars,gas boilers etc,is it!😏

Q) Hey,are you coming out for a walk today? 🤔

A) Sorry i can't. I've just taken my glasses in for a full service! 😏
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I've just bought what i thought was a nice normal lemon cake,in the reduced section of a local supermarket. Only to find it's a fecking vegan one!:ohmy: 🧐

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People who get annoyed at trivial things...

A friend of mine actively seeks out things to annoy him, then gets annoyed. We'd walk into a café, he'd look around and tell me hates downlights, and then we'd order food and take a table, he'd complain to me about the sachets of ground pepper... however I do agree that square plates are inferior to round plates, but they're at least better than a plank.
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