Trouble in paradise?


Two sprinters in the same team is one too many and bound to lead to problems.

Keith Oates

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They are both good sprinters and of course I want to see Cav be the top man but I hope this doesn't degenerate into a slanging match between the two riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Difficult to argue with what Cav actually says but he ain't no diplomat!

Some of the pro teams are going to suffer with too many 'stars'. Contador won last years TDF in spite of his team. That isn't going to happen very often.


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The top teams always have more than one string to their bow. Having two competitive sprinters is not going to work out, but having several top riders with different objectives can with a well-resourced outfit.

rich p

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I don't think Cav comes out of this looking good and I speak as a fan of his shoot-from-the-hip interviews.
Criticisng your team and it's sponsor, belittling smaller races and teammates is a either immature or arrogant. It's especially untimely considering his lack of form and wins this year.


Agree rich. He's always come across as a bit concieted, but then the top sprinters often are. They need masses of self confidence to do what they do at the top level and like to talk themselves up, but this latest from MC seems a bit too much like a spoilt brat talking and leaves me feeling a tad uncomfortable. Hope it's just a passing phase.

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I'd just sent a pm to raindog on another forum saying that I thought there might be "trouble in paradise" and then I see that's the title of this thread. So here's my thoughts as I sent to raindog (I can't be arsed to type the same stuff out all over again!)

I did read the Cavendish Guardian piece. It seems to me to be a lot about nothing - the Guardian probably caught him just after Flanders or something. So he's a rude little 'erbert - but then we knew that, and some of what he says is right anyway - Griepel is by no means as good a rider as he is. Two things come to mind: 1) I think he is only now learning to suffer as a bike rider must to become a true champion, two crashes in the Milan-San Remo - crashing and being hammered in Flanders, health problems etc etc. 2) I sense trouble in paradise, ie: his new lady friend isn't happy. Did you see her after the Milan San Remo? She's tiny little thin lass, and she looked so miserable, so upset. Something's wrong there. Maybe Mark really has been too quick to take on the playboy lifestyle and now he's having to suffer some humiliation, disappointment and failure?

Anyway, this summer will be crunch-time for Mark, if he doesn't repeat in the TdF then maybe, just maybe, he'll be one of those phenomenal young sprinters who burns out to become an average rider. Sean Kelly says... that he thinks Cav will go the whole way and become a more complete rider as he himself did. There are indeed more than a few similarities with Cav and the young Kelly.

But doesn't Cavendish divide opinion? After following the sport for 40 years I'm overjoyed to see a rider from the UK achieve what he's achieved - so maybe I turn a bit of a blind eye to his failings. He is still so young...


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I got a 'Get Well Soon' card from Mark Cavendish and he says in it he will be in closer contact with me in May to see how I'm doing. I thought this was very considerate of the fine young man. Best wishes to him and I like his attitude.
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