Trouser clips.


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I believe there was a trend for fixie hipsters to just roll up the RH leg.


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I have a yellow pair.They belonged to a very lovely lady who has sadly passed on now.She left me a thousand pounds in her Will ten years ago.I bought the Spesh bike with the money.Sadly the clips don't fit she was four foot eleven I am six foot four.But I will not part with them for anything.:laugh:.


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This should do the trick.
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A pgoto of our very own @Accy cyclist , aged 8.


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Florida, USA
It's too warm in Florida to wear long pants, so shorts are my regular riding attire. The exception is on very rare, cold days, 50º, then I wear jeans with trouser clips. I had to get them, online, and what I got was designed by a bloke with rectangular cross section ankles. The photo showed round clips but what came were clips that would fit a 2" x 3" wood stud. Seriously! I had to use pliers to make them round, and that wasn't easy because they were spring steel.

I wore clips when I was young, but I never thought about wearing only the right one. I like to feel balanced, and one clip would have felt unbalanced.
... and use a distinctive handshake?
I never knew a Freemason to wear trouser clips, but I suppose some do. I've been there in the weird Masonic clothing for the three degrees. Out of it, now, though.


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I also have a pair of these trouser clips, I believe they date from the '20s or '30s.


You wrap the leg of your trousers tight around your leg and then pin it in place with the spring clip, something like this.


Just the job for keeping a gentleman's best suit from getting tangled up in the chain of his Elswick Light Roadster:becool:
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