True-ing a wheel, without taking it off the bike.

The front wheel on my Hybrid, was a bit out of true this morning. I couldn't be arsed with taking it off, putting on the rig, tightening the required spokes, and putting it back on. So I just stood over the wheel and used the brake calliper ( hydraulic disc type) as a reference point, then tightened the spokes required to pull the rim back into true. It worked a treat, and saved a bit of time, which means I've been able to go for a bit of a pre-work ride in the sun :smile::dance::sun:.


I use this method all the time if I get a wobble when I'm on tour or a long way from home. :okay:


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I've never done it any other way. I just set the brake blocks to 1 mm and if the wheel spins freely it's straight enough.
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