truing stand



any good ? I worked out that only have to true the wheels 3 times and its paid for itself.
It costs nearly £40 to true a wheel? :headshake:
Chevin cycles in Harrogate only charged me £10 per wheel the two times I've used them.


It's "very similar" to the Park TS-2 which is fine - the two arms open together to accommodate different width hubs, the arm with the rim testing calipers moves up and down for different rims and the calipers move in and out for varying rim widths.

Ideally it mounts on a bench - avoid knocks to any plastic bits and it will last a lifetime.

Tom B

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I am sure I have seen a guide, template and instructions for building your own from 7/9 ply online, but can't find it...
Kind of appeals to my nature if anyone has any knoeledge?

dave pp

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Park tool is the one most shops use. Buy cheap, buy twice!


I've built three wheels now using the bike frame as a truing stand. If I was building a wheel every month (or more) I'd buy a dedicated truing stand, but it seems a waste for the very occasional use I'd give it. If you're forever having to true your wheels, there's something wrong, IMO.

Tip: A clothes-peg clipped on to a mudguard stay makes a surprisingly good lateral gauge!
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