Tweeks cycles - Still sending orders?


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Has anyone received their orders from Tweeks in the last week or so?

I place an order for 19 items, mainly lube and tools, all showing in stock at the time of ordering on Monday 11th. My order is still showing as processing.

I have emailed them for a progress update to sales and customer services, but so far no reply. I have also tried calling... always 8, 9 or 10 in the que and it dont go down quickly.

Also, I cant seem to find a cancel order option.

Does this seem to be because of Covid, or is this the usual service from tweeks?


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I ordered something at the start of last week and received it towards the end of the week.

I have had the need to contact them in the past, the customer service email reply was slow with any response, never had a problem with calling them to be fair.


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They're really, really slow. Also, don't expect it to be in stock, even if it's showing as 'in stock'.

I made the mistake (again :rolleyes: ) of ordering from them about 3 weeks ago when something was showing in stock. A couple of days later I get an "out of stock at our supplier" message and it's only just arrived. So they were showing something in stock they didn't have - I'd have ordered elsewhere if they'd been honest. That was my last time with Tweeks.


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I dont think I will be using them again.

I cant even see the cancel order option on the website... no doubt you will have to call or email them for that... and they are not responding to my emails and I have got down to 4th in the phone que before being cut off.


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I ordered a new chain from them on Monday with express delivery, if it doesn't come tomorrow I won't be pleased!
I ordered tyres on the 11th may still not received them or any notice of despatch
If you are going to phone them I advise getting an early start when they open...I have started in que number 11, got down to 4 and then cut off.

You could try emailing them, or to save on internet bandwidth report it to a hedgehog, the result will be the same.


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Good luck with that.
I phoned them Thursday afternoon and number 2 in the queue, so I thought I'd hang on, 5 minutes later number one in the queue, 1 minute late

you are number 8 in the queue. Hung up, not happy. :angry:

Phoned them again Friday and someone answered straight away, turns out it's not in stock and promised me I'll have it the end of next week. I had

to bite my lip, I think I would have said something I may have regretted later. :cursing:

Won't be using them again!


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@GM I had an email on Thursday, 6 days or so after I emailed them.

1 of the items I ordered is now out of stock, which is holding the order up. "Would I like to have the order sent minus that item, to be sent later?"

"You bet I would" - I replied within 2 minutes

Order still shows as processing...
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