Two Bikes taken from Elephant & Castle


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So annoyed as both were properly secured and both treasured to bits...

One was a white and red Specialized Dolce 2010, 48' frame with black handlebar tape (original is white), SPD-SL pedals, a black Ruby saddle (original saddle is also white) and a 100mm stem (original is 80mm) - so distinctive features on a rare size bike (not including the easily removable silver racing mudguard on the rear wheel only, two black side entry bottle cages and Cateye computer holder).

The other was an almost brand bew black and red Giant Defy 2 2012, M size with fixed silver mudguards, SPD pedals, non-standard stem and handlebars (smaller) with non-original bar tape as a result. Also had two black bottle cages and light clips as well as a clip under the saddle that the saddle bag attached to.

They were taken from the indoor bike shed (behind two doors) off Renfrew Road. Supposedly this has happened before on the complex and we think another bike (a Giant TCR) was taken at the same time, as it's not been seen since. I had had my saddle bag stolen before, but that was my own fault for forgetting to take it off. This time they came equipped...

Both bikes are registered, alpha-dot chipped and all - but we need to find them first... If you spot something matching that description, shout! Thanks :smile:


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not nice to hear.

Make sure you check the usual places. Ebay, Craigs List and Gum Tree to see if they have been put up for sale.


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Thanks! I am keeping a very keen eye on any website, as well as all white road bikes that pass me on the street... I know chances are not in our favour, but you never know :smile:
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