Two negatives and a positive


Cycling to work this morning over the usual hill with the usual "in such a hurry I'm going to overtake you even though I can't see what's coming" drivers - two of them in quick succession.
The second couldn't quite get passed me though, I refused to stop to let her pass - not sure if that is the done thing or not?? When she stopped behind the car in front there was a bike size space between the cars so I filled it, just to make a point.
Feeling quite irritated,as you do, I cycled on and as I got close to work there were two nursery workers with four little ones out for a stroll and they stopped to point at me on the bike, bless 'em.
Little boy shouts "hiya bike" and I slowed down and gave them a ding of the bell and a "hello" back. Almost made me forget about the idiots.
Coming home there were men working on the bridge, stopping the traffic as it needed to be single file. I stopped and the workmen asked "do you want to cut across to the pavement?"
"I don't cycle on the pavement" I pointed out "Good for you" he said.
yeh - something similar today. overtaken by a car that then stops randomly 200 yds further on.. OK so far.. as I get closer, I hear a vehicle come up behind me. Look up and see oncoming van, there's enough room for me and the van to pass without too much issue because the van driver has pulled right over to the curb on his side - then the silly bugger behind me overtakes me and the parked car and completely fails to notice that there is an oncoming van with its lights on! much shaking of heads and sympathethic looks to van driver who has just done an emergency stop becuase some ass hole is so concentrated on overtaking cylists before that parked car that has totally failed to notice/consider any oncoming vehicles could possiblly exist!

Later on, alongside the salt works the huge lorries all held back and didn't overtake me and therefore not spraying me with salt water which was running out of the salt/road grit which they were moving from a - b....

and people wonder why some of us prefer A road and dual carriageways to country lanes!
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