Two speed rear hub.


Eh up
In the latest UK Cycle magazine there was a two speed hub by Classified, its the first time I have seen this, but it has been in the cycle press.
Looks like a good idea to me, I wonder if the big manufacturers will pick up on this and produce their own versons.
Its available now on a top spec expensive Ridley
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Big John

Clever. Makes you wonder why it's taken so long for someone to come up with this idea. I think it'll catch on. Let's see, eh?
So there some disadvantages to the 1 X gearing now being spruiked by most manufacturers!
From the description, it says it does its stuff:

"without compromising on ratio coverage or gear step size".

That's politely sticking it to the 1x gaggle.

also says:

"Compared to a 1x, less cross chaining is required".

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