Tyre Question for Bontrager Aeroplus 6.5 carbon Fibre 700c Road Wheel

Hi, I own a wheel set of Bontrager Aeroplus 6.5 carbon Fibre 700c. The only info I can find is writing in the rim: "Made in USA - ETRTO 622x15 - TUBULAR ETRTO 635x21" So what this means? that I can only used 700x21 Tyres on it?
I have some 28-622 700x28C Tyres I Guess they wont fit. please somebody help me.


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The 28c tyres will fit the rims but will your frame clearance allow them to installed there? If it’s a racy frame I doubt it but you can try.

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That rim comes in tubular and clincher versions. Which do you have? The clincher version has a 15mm internal width, so 25mm tyres would be fine, 28mm will fit, but are not optimal at that rim width, assuming you have the clincher version.

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This ^^. Think these will be clinchers. How could someone own £1000+ (used) wheels and not know if they had tubular rims?
"Bontrager’s Aeolus 6.5 clincher wheels have a rim section that’s 65mm deep, this dimension being chosen because, according to the manufacturer, it is the optimum height to width ratio for a 22mm tyre."
These are expensive wheels meant to be ridden at 40+kph. Get some quality 622-23s for example GP5000s or Michelin Power Competition.
Short bit (30 seconds) on this Hambini video - @ 13:54

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUih_emc54M
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