Tyre size vs frame size


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hi all,
i've been trying most of the day to re-attach the back to the frame after cleaning and getting a new tyre. with no luck at all. i'm wondering if the tyre maybe a have a little too much depth? is this possible? it's a schwalbe marathon that fits the rim perfectly - i just can't fathom how to get in back on the frame....

thanks for any help!


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I'm no good at tyre sizes, in fact I'm getting ready to ask my own question about that soon.

Have you got mudguards on the bike? Sometimes that seems to make it a little harder to put the wheel back for me.


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Front or back, what type of bike, what tyre size, is it the same size as the one you took off, catching on brakes, quick release or nuts ( not you the axle) Maybe picture would help a lot.


If you've got a 'racing' frame it's quite possible that bigger/wider tyres won't fit. Is the new tyre bigger than the old one?

One of my bikes has very tight clearances - it currently has 23mm tyres fitted and I doubt I'd get anything much over a 25mm to fit.


Hi Dorothy,

We've just put marathon plus on my wheels that had continentals on before.

I used to be able to fit the wheel on, past the brake blocks, mostly deflated and then reinflate.

With the marathon plus on, my husband had to disconnect the brakes to get them past and then reconnect them and reinflate the tyre.
I had a great ride on them on Friday but it looks like I won't be able to fix punctures on my own any more.

Good luck with yours and let us know if you manage to get the wheel on eventually!


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I have wide rims and 25mm tyres on my Super Six Evo, and I still have to deflate them to fit in the back. With narrower rims and 25mm tyres I have to loosen the brake cable on the front. Maybe clinchers are different to tubulars, and they sit higher on the rim, because I don't know how the pros can change a wheel without a load of faff sometimes :S


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hi all - thanks for the updates! i did have continentals before that went on inflated ok. tbh, i hadn't thought about trying with defalted tyres! will try that later

thanks for your help!
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