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A tyre is listed on one website as being size 29" 2.1 - yet on another website it appears to be listed as 29" 2.10.

Are these actually the same size tyre?

Also, is this inner tube -

suitable for this tyre -

Also, whatis the standard size for a schrader valve? I see options for 32mm and 40mm. Which is the more common?


Yes, the size is the same, you can ignore the final zeros, so 29.1 is the same as 29.10 or 29.100000.

The tube and tyre combo will be fine.

Schrader valve length is unlikely to make a difference, but some wheels have very deep sectioned rims and work better with a longer valve.

Obvious thing is to measure what's there at the moment.

A small point, but I prefer threaded valves with a locking ring - it's easier to shove a pump on because the ring stops the valve disappearing inwards, particularly if the tube is flat.


Yes they are the same size. Yes tubes will fit. The size on the Schrader valve simply refers to the length of the valve. All Schrader valves are the same bore. I'd go for the 40mm as 32mm is very short. - if you have deep section rim go for even longer ones - 52mm


Yeah strange that. The £8 tube is listed as being for mountain bikes. This gave me the idea that it may be more robust. Yet the only difference appears to be that the cheaper one has a longer valve.
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